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Micky Ahuja (31)

Micky Ahuja, the founder of security services firm MA Services Group, found himself wondering what security guards could be doing when everyone is cooped up at home. With large events being cancelled overnight, Ahuja found himself in a bind.

However, owing to some entrepreneurial savvy and strong leadership skills, MA Services Group enjoyed a surge in revenue during COVID-19.

The company shifted its focus to protecting vital businesses such as grocery shops, and Ahuja began to offer crowd control devices such as bollards.

The demand for experienced COVID security staff was also considerable, resulting in MA Services Group surpassing triple their invoice numbers in April.

Plus, with Amazon Australia as a client, a behemoth rapidly growing across the country, Ahuja’s business is unlikely to dry up in a hurry.

These advances prompted him to construct a new headquarters in Melbourne, complete with cutting-edge alarm and CCTV monitoring systems powered by artificial intelligence.

Ahuja has also done well overseas, opening a branch in New Zealand and working with companies such as Mirvac and Chemist Warehouse.

Founder of MA Services GroupĀ 

Net Worth: $60 million