Top CEOs and Founders

Nathaniel Anthony (31), Chris Anastasi (37)

Muscle Nation has always been about more than just selling a product. Nathaniel Anthony and Chris Anastasi, co-founders, set out to establish a remarkable customer experience, a brand with which consumers could relate, and a strong community of like-minded people. And it was effective.

The pair faced many challenges in the early stages of their business, particularly in high growth periods. Their management skills were tested, but ultimately their joint leadership skills continued to prevail as they set Muscle Nation on a stable trajectory going above and beyond anything they could have imagined. 

After beginning with apparel, Anthony and Anastasi have expanded the company to include supplements and food goods, with over 1000 products available and shipping to 150 countries. The company currently has items on the shelves of Coles supermarkets and plans to extend its portfolio there as well as launch in more grocery shops and pharmacies around the country. Projects for the activewear and supplement verticals are also in the pipeline.

But, as Anthony points out, the co-founders are only getting started. They are highly motivated, determined to lead, and ecstatic about how much they want to do.

Image by Courier Mail

Co CEO’s of Muscle Nation

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